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About Us

Vertical Sysadmin Inc specializes in training on sysadmin basics and advanced topics.

Our approach balances theory and practical. We make sure our students thoroughly understand the basics and can do. New and veteran IT staff love our training: "Very personal approach to teaching." "No bullshit." "You are the best instructor I've had."


Alex Tsalolikhin, senior administrtor

Aleksey Tsalolikhin

Aleksey has been a UNIX/Linux system administrator for 14 years. Wrangling EarthLink's server farms by hand during growth from 1K to 5M users, he developed an abiding interest in raising efficiency and happiness of system administrators through effective training in sysadmin basics, configuration management, documentation, communication, and personal efficiency.

Aleksey is a member of:

Aleksey is a certified Linux and Open Source enthusiast and supporter.


Deliver widespread effective training on workable technology and products resulting in increased efficiency, productivity and morale.

Core Values

  1. Be Professional - if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right. Work professionally, to professional standards.
  2. Be Honest - be honest, loyal and dependable. Deliver what we promise.
  3. Be Generous - deliver more than expected and do so promptly and cheerfully.

Code of Ethics

All Vertical Sysadmin staff and subcontractors subscribe to System Administrators' Code of Ethics.

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