Feedback from “Taming the Git Filesystem” talk on June 2nd, 2016

Mike Weilgart is going to repeat his “Taming the Git Filesystem” talk on June 23rd in Burbank. In the meantime, here is what attendees said about the debut of this talk June 2nd at UUASC-LA/LOPSA-LA meetup:

“You definitely filled out some conceptual holes.”
Stephen Franklin
Systems Engineer

“I liked that it was approachable and assumed no prior knowledge.”
Eric White
Senior System Engineer

“Good foundational talk, Michael! Just as the description says, I’ve just learned enough about git to get my development work done. I occasionally find my ignorance of git’s foundation comes back to bite me in the rear. With this talk I can hope that happens less often.”
George Wu
Vice President of Engineering

“I was able to understand the explanations even as a student with limited technical knowledge.”
Eric, Community College Student

“This talk has something to offer for most git users. It’s not a run of the mill ‘how to use’ git presentation.”
Jordan Schwartz
Systems / Storage Engineer

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