Training program to make a Novice System Administrator

I’ve put together a program to make entry-level Linux system administrators because we need more to maintain the IT fabric of modern civilization.
The program is self-paced, using online resources.  This is not training I deliver personally, rather I will guide you to quality training resources, in the correct sequence, and work with you to debug any stops. There is no fee to me for this program. The training takes 2-3 months full-time and costs about USD 1,000 for the online training courses and books. You’ll need a practice computer you can install Linux on.
Pre-requisites: Aspirants need to know how to use a computer for basic tasks (e.g., Web, email, word processing).
Part I – Linux Essentials
342 pages
Online course
40-60 hours
Part II – The Linux Command Line
537 pages
Part III – Linux System Administration
Online course
40-50 hours
$499 (includes certification exam)
Do Cricket Liu’s DNS course from the Linux Sysadmin Basics
Video training from
Free with a 10 day Safari trial
 Part IV – Certification (optional) 
 Part V – Introduction to Computer Science (can be done after starting work) 
Introduction to Computer Science (CS50x) online training from
100 – 200 hours
Professional Library
In addition, I recommend the following professional library (you can build it up as you start earning in your new profession):
Total: $229.43
Summary of All Costs
Total cost: $1029.72
Time investment needed: 2-4 months full-time or 6-12 months part-time
Code of Ethics
As a professional system administrator, study and commit yourself to our Code of Ethics.
Tips for Success
Mike Weilgart completed the program and adds:
And a crucial ingredient to success (and I’m being entirely serious): Spend plenty of time during your training reading up on what you’re studying on the Unix & Linux Stack Exchange.

Elective – Learn How to Make a Web Site

Exercise: Setup a personal site, e.g., like Mark Burgess has

There is an excellent WordPress tutorial at

To learn the underlying technology, HTML/CSS, I recommend

Also, you can write in Markdown and use pandoc to convert to HTML. Try it!


Elective – Learn How to Use strace to Spy on Your Programs


Elective – Postgres Database Administration

“The Accidental DBA” (or, Administering PostgreSQL When It’s Not Your Job) to those just getting into Postgres database server administration. Josh Berkus, from the PostgreSQL Core Team, presented it in 2015 ( (2.5 hour video)) and the original (2012) slides by Christophe Pettus at

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