What I learned at LISA 2016 conference

USENIX Annual Technical Conference and LISA are the first professional conferences I went to as a fledgeling sysadmin. USENIX will always hold a special place in my heart. I attribute my professional success to regular training at USENIX conferences.

I really enjoyed LISA ’16 in Boston.

This year I exhibited, promoting our training services. I learned that people are looking for training on Machine Learning (Big Data) and on Go; and I got to show Tom Limoncelli a success story from my “Time Management for System Administrators” training at Ohio Linux Fest that I had received just that morning.

At the Training Sysadmins BoF, I learned Adobe has a kick-ass in-house training program that keeps getting better. Really impressed with Adobe culture!

It was revitalizing to hear the passion for improving society at the Educating Sysadmins BoF. Keep up the great work!

At the LOPSA Annual Community Meeting, I was awarded a LOPSA challenge coin in recognition for running the Los Angeles chapter and signing up new members. I love it! Thank you!

Nick Anderson asked what are the top three things I learned at LISA.

First, I just want to say “kudos!” to the Program Committee – lots of great (and very modern) content!

  • I learned about the Jupyter Notebook programming and data visualization environment in the class on Machine Learning.
  • I loved the talk on unikernels. Technology keeps changing and LISA helps me keep up.
  • The closing session, “SRE in the Small and in the Large” demonstrated SRE is not just for Google scale — even smaller organizations can reap large benefits from applying “a stitch in times saves nine”. Read the book!

Nick, the keynote by Jane Adams on emergence in complex systems was mindblowing — look for it online soon! (Here is a shorter one, from three years ago.)

My favorite part of the conference was hanging out with my LISA friends. Hope to see you in October in San Francisco!

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