Why I credit my career success to USENIX LISA training

I encourage *nix sysadmins to go to the annual USENIX LISA conference and avail themselves of the training there.

USENIX is the UNIX Users Group. Around since the seventies, it is now a global professional society spanning industry and academia.

The LISA (Large Installation System Administration) conference offers a mix of talks, presentations, expo hall, social activities and formal tutorials (e.g., last year’s program).

I attribute my professional success to being connected with USENIX, to attending every LISA conference I can, getting as much training as I can and to the amazing people I’ve met at LISA, many of whom are now dear friends.

The training is key to broadening my knowledge base, increasing my skill set, and making me more valuable as an individual contributor and executive.

Often the person doing the training literally wrote the book on the subject. I’ve been trained on UNIX system administration by Æleen Frisch, on RRDTool by Tobias Oetiker, on CFEngine by Mark Burgess and so on.

The conference is organized by the community — it is truly a conference by sysadmins, for sysadmins.

I want to thank the staff of USENIX and the community for nurturing this resource and commend them for keeping it relevant. I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to the sysadmin executives of EarthLink in the 1990’s who insisted their staff get trained at LISA to get professional.

See you in Boston, December 4 – 9, 2016!


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