You think our training is expensive?

I charge US $3,000 per training day, plus a US $2,000 admin fee, to come on-site and train up to 12 staff using a training methodology that ensure that deep learning occurs. Some people have pushed back on the price as too expensive.

As Red Adair, the firefighter specializing in putting out oil well fires, once said:

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

I have heard horror stories of 5-day long classes where the “Instructor” sat at the front and droned through a PowerPoint presentation. He wouldn’t answer questions because he had hundreds of slides to get through. I’ve heard of Instructors dismissing class on Friday morning because they’ve “covered the material” already, yet the students still can’t do the actions required because they lack complete understanding.

When I train, I look at the faces of the students to see if they understand. You can see it in their eyes if you care to look. I don’t move on to the next module until everybody understands the current one.

The hallmark of our training is balancing theory with practical, so there are lab exercises after every module. It’s one thing to learn about engines in a text book, but you get a completely different level of understanding after you put one together with your own two hands!

Our materials are carefully laid out to cover all the basics and define all the terms and then and only then start on intermediate and advanced topics. Careful attention to fundamentals is how experienced users come out raving how much they’ve learned.

I have never had anyone complain about price after our training. I have had a couple of people express that ours was the best training they ever had, anywhere.

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