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Your team will use GitLab to collaborate quickly and confidently, and to take code from idea to production faster than ever.

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What is GitLab?

GitLab is a state of the art tool for collaborating on source code. It consists of:

"I love how responsive our departmental instance of GitLab CE is — it's downright snappy compared to the corporate instance of JIRA. We love the issue tracking subsystem and use it as our main ticketing system."
—A.T., Automation Specialist

GitLab Training

Vertical Sysadmin is proud to be an authorized reseller of GitLab Enterprise Edition and a training partner. We specialize in comprehensive on-premises instructor-led training.

Our flagship course covers Git and GitLab and includes many practical exercises laid out on a careful gradient of increasing complexity. We graduate the students who understand and can apply the materials. We can customize training to meet your unique needs.

We also offer an introduction to Git basic concepts and definitions, and have a course specifically on GitLab.

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Students Love Us

We've trained staff from LinkedIn Corporation, AT&T, Samsung, VISA, Intel, Chevron, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and other world-class organizations, and have a reputation for high quality. Here is what our students say:

"The balance between theoretical and practical knowledge is just perfect."
—Bernard Brandl, Administrateur Systeme Linux, Bare-Metal & Virtual Cloud

"Aleksey (trainer) was one of the best hands-on teachers I've experienced in a long time. He is very knowledgeable about the subject, patient and keeps the class focused. His course materials including documentation, examples and exercises were very comprehensive."
—Paul Connally, IT Systems Administrator, PDX, Inc.

"It was more in-depth and intensive than most of the vendor training things I've gone to. Good attention to detail and making sure all points were understood."
—Michael Stevens, Systems and Backup Administrator

"Very personal approach to teaching. We are bored to death with power point slides. Most of the class was hands on."
—Prakash Rudraraju, Tools and Automation Engineer,, Inc.

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Vertical Sysadmin increases competence of professionals supporting the IT fabric of modern civilization so that society lasts! We specialize in delivering effective training on excellent technologies.

Would you like to improve efficiency, productivity and morale of your staff? Yes!

The balance between theoretical and practical knowledge is just perfect. No bullshit.

– Bernard Brandl, Altran

Very personal approach to teaching. We are bored to death with PowerPoint slides. Most of the class was hands on.

– Prakash Rudraraju, Salesforce

Thank you for such a great class. Been to lots of technical training and you are the best instructor I've had.

– Thomas Nicholson, Ntrepid Corproration

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