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GitLab CI/CD

Course length: 1 day

Description: Attendees will learn how to implement their own GitLab-driven CI/CD pipeline.

Intended audience: Understanding of Git and GitLab basics is required.

Take back to work: Mastery of GitLab CI/CD and the ability to use GitLab to speed up release cycles and improve quality.

Topics include:

Student Feedback

"I got enough info to be able to start setting up a CI environment. The hands-on time on an actual computer system was very helpful."
—Don Mies, Systems Architect - Open Source Projects

"The training was great, I was shown the fundamentals of how GitLab works, and shown how to setup and manage automatic deployments of my apps. This allowed me to setup my environment so that when I push my code, an environment in GitLab is created with my website ready for testing."
—Adam B., Web Developer

"Best training we've had so far. Useful and interesting."

"Some of the nuances of this course were outside my skill set, but I absolutely got out of this course what I was hoping: a better understanding of how our office can leverage CI to create a better product more quickly."

"Thanks for the personal attention. I really enjoyed the learning and the day went too quickly."

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The balance between theoretical and practical knowledge is just perfect. No bullshit.

– Bernard Brandl, Altran

Very personal approach to teaching. We are bored to death with PowerPoint slides. Most of the class was hands on.

– Prakash Rudraraju, Salesforce

Thank you for such a great class. Been to lots of technical training and you are the best instructor I've had.

– Thomas Nicholson, Ntrepid Corproration

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