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Distributed is the new centralized.

GitLab logo


Code, test, and deploy together.



The ubiquitous text editor.


Engineering for Reliability, Maintainability, and Security with C and C++

Learn how to build robust systems in C/C++.

Time Management for System Administrators

Time Management for System Administrators

Stop working late and start working smart.

Shell Basics: Under the Hood

Shell Basics: Under the Hood

Understand your primary computer interface.

Linux Essentials

Linux Essentials

Orient to Linux and gain basic user skills.



Learn basic skills for the Linux professional common to major distributions of Linux.



Sleep better with self-healing infrastructure

Promise Theory Basics

Promise Theory

A Theory of Voluntary Cooperation

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Vertical Sysadmin increases competence of professionals supporting the IT fabric of modern civilization. We provide real learning by presenting materials so that everyone can understand.

We are a training partner of the Linux Professional Institute, a GitLab partner, a Docker partner, and a member of the AWS partner network.

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The balance between theoretical and practical knowledge is just perfect. No bullshit.

– Bernard Brandl

Very personal approach to teaching. We are bored to death with PowerPoint slides. Most of the class was hands on.

– Prakash Rudraraju

Thank you for such a great class. Been to lots of technical training and you are the best instructor I've had.

– Thomas Nicholson

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